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Our management team

Éric Côté


Phone. : 450-771-0777,
Email : ecote@seccointernational.com

For my part, my work consists in making sure that your experience with SECCO exceeds all of your expectations. Whether for the technical advice you will receive from our expert advisors or the service provided to you by our internal staff or for the timeliness of the delivery schedule or our customer service, rest assured that we will take care of you. A prompt management, the fulfilling of our commitments, innovation and business development are my main concerns in order for SECCO, a leader in the farming natural ventilation field, to become your partner of choice in the next years to come.

Jasmin Lortie

General Manager

Phone. : 450-771-0777,
Email : jlortie@seccointernational.com

Xavier Dekeuster

Production Manager

Phone. : 450-771-0777, Ext #270
Email : xdekeuster@seccointernational.com

Cindy Bouthillier

Secretary / Receptionist

Phone. : 450-771-0777, Ext #221
Email : secco@seccointernational.com

Brigitte Desgagné

Accounting Technician

Phone. : 450-771-0777, Ext #228
Email : accounting@seccointernational.com