Elite Dairy Program Elite Dairy Program

Elite Dairy Program
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Unique and fully integrated

Secco Elite Dairy

This new, unique and fully integrated ELITE PROGRAM gathers all the parameters needed to achieve optimal environmental conditions for high producing dairy cows. The high tech modules which are part of the program allow a simple, efficient and preventive management process. The on-screen data is user friendly and will facilitate training sessions, software and firmware updates as well as remote service calls. As leaders in ventilation for dairy production within continental climates, our mission is to export our
unique technologies and knowledge to ensure growth of the worldwide production of high quality milk available to all families globally. We have the capacity and the obligation to create sound environmental conditions to make dairy production farms more profitable and eco-responsible.

Management module

The new EDGE ELITE operating system provides fully integrated management of the environmental conditions with remote touch screen applications.

Natural ventilation module

The unique integrated system, including the ISOCELL™ membranes and our Lumiridge with chimneys, provides adapted optimal conditions for dairy production in continental climates.

Mechanical ventilation module

These high efficiency and integrated systems, including BigAir and MegaFan, supply the needed constant air flow to assist in maintaining sufficient daily dry matter intake.

Complementary regulation module

The complementary misting regulation system provides an effective and integrated option for cooling assistance, and can effectively prevent milk production decrease due to heat stress.