Atmosphere security kit Electronic controllers

Atmosphere security kit
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Atmosphere security kit

Triple “A” protection, enjoy a new peace of mind!

You don’t have to worry anymore in case of a power failure, with the Secco battery back-up

This battery will automatically support the whole ventilation system and its accessory equipment. It can feed up to 20 ventilators, required for the Isocell and Polytherm membranes, for more than three (3) hours.

<span lang='fr'>Convertisseur & batterie de secours</span>

Convertisseur & batterie de secours

You would like to be warned in case of a system malfunction?

The Agri-Alert alarm system monitors power failure temperatures and any other electronic control malfunctions for you. Moreover, the system monitors up to eight (8) areas and sends an alarm signal to eight (8) different telephone numbers if need be: pager, cell phone and telephone. Its stores up to 10 access codes and includes a telephone line and a microphone.

<span lang='fr'>Alarme Agri-Alerte</span>

Alarme Agri-Alerte

Sudden climatic changes may impact your operations?

Not anymore with Secco weather station, a system that measures wind speed and direction and detects rain. If wind direction or speed affect the actual ventilation of your building, the weather station will automatically reduce the opening percentage of the natural ventilation system to compensate. The opening can also be reduced in case of sudden rain. When atmospheric conditions come back to normal, the opening percentage comes back to the reference point.

<span lang='fr'>Station météo</span>

Station météo