DOL 434 Electronic controllers

DOL 434
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DOL 434

DOL 434

DOL 434 is our newest climate controller, developed together with SKOV A/S in 2021, designed exclusively for the dairy barn.
Some of the cutting-edge features of this controller include remote connectivity and climate regulation via desktops, smartphones, and tablets with the FarmOnline™ management program.
Regulating climate in the barn can never be easier as DOL 434 has a 10-inch touch screen that has a very intuitive navigation with graphic icons and customizable page shortcuts.


• 10-inch color touch screen with the perfect touch sensitivity
• User-intuitive navigation with graphic icons and customizable page shortcuts
• Remote access and climate regulation with FarmOnline™ management program, accessible from the desktops, tablets, and smartphones
• Effortlessly compatible with natural, side, tunnel, combi tunnel, and hybrid ventilation type
• Easy-to-use setup and guidance with the intuitive default dashboard according to the selected ventilation type
• Password-protected function to enable more personalized dashboards and to prevent unauthorized changes, with three different levels of users’ access
• Temperature, humidity, and static pressure reading and adjustment
• Wind speed reading, wind direction reading, and rain detection and adjustment for regulating curtains in the natural ventilation mode
• CO2 and NH3 reading and adjustment
• Intelligent lighting management and automation
• Enabling an ‘alarm system’ linked to the temperature and humidity sensor, ventilation inlet and outlet, CO2, NH3, and pressure sensor, emergency inlet, and weather station
• Activity log that registers operation, events, and alarms with the information of when they took place and when they were deactivated
• Data are updated in real-time in both the climate controller and FarmOnline™ application
• Combined with the FarmOnline™desktop application, it can import the data overview of the barns into insightful offline reports with the graphs in multiple formats
• Intuitive settings adjustment and free software updates through the FarmOnline™ desktop application, so no need to buy a new hardware
• Designed and manufactured in Denmark by SKOV A/S
• Future development includes Temperature Humidity Index (THI) reading and adjustment along with heat stress alerts
• Software is available in 35 languages, including English, French, German, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, and more!