EDGE ELITE Electronic controllers

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A state-of-the-art upgradable system for a fully integrated management of the environmental conditions


  • Industrial grade equipment tested in extreme conditions from -20 ° C to 50 ° C
  • Current sensors on all outputs to protect the entirety of your equipment (with alarm)
  • Software maintaining continuous ventilation by measuring the air flow rate per building or per head
  • Real multi-room or multi-building control due to smart relay panels
  • Triple protection level: Redundancy, backup method (smart) and emergency mode (N/O, N/C)
  • Rugged waterproof housing with plenty of space and quick connect terminals (quick -plug)
  • Installation cost reduced due to integrated fuse protection as well as sharing of sensors and weather stations
  • Quick and easy remote access with web cloud connection or with configured IP address
  • Responsive and accurate high quality 15’’ touchscreen that allows the use of gloves and tolerates droplets
  • Fully centralized operation system which can control from 1 to 64 zones (rooms or buildings)
  • Flexible and ready for the future by simply adding a card for future expansions and additions
  • Possibility of faster and more accurate LED sensors
  • Multilingual (available in more than 8 languages) to facilitate management and remote support from anywhere
  • Efficient smart system that knows your building to achieve optimized management
  • Designed and manufactured in Canada with all global certifications (UL , CSA, CE, CCC )
  • Always evolving using web updates which give access to the latest technologies
  • Training, monitoring and quick assistance when you give remote access to your Secco distributor
  • Increased protection against surges with inputs tested at high voltage
  • Access through multiple screens simultaneously when local as well as remote (main, mobile, relay panel, etc.)
  • Tested with the highest standards for reductions of electromagnetic noise (stray voltage)