Big Air PüRe Mechanical ventilation

Big Air PüRe
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Big Air PüRe


  • Very light 5 blade fan without maintenance
  • New revolutionary safety system to prevent propellers from coming off
  • Reliable mounting system completely isolates the fan unit from the facility structure. The system prevents any vibrations or movement from the fan being transferred back to the structure
  • Extremely quiet even at high speeds
  • Contains a German synthetic oil specially designed for a long lifespan
  • The gearmotor technology is a modular system complete with an energy efficient motor and an adapted gear unit optimally matched to each other. Without couplings and transmission element this high quality system represents the optimum drive solution
  • Perfectly reversible for year round use
  • Anti-corrosion anodized aluminum aerodynamic blades
  • Easy variable remote with reversible function included
  • Covers a very large area
  • Maintenance-free SEW Eurodrive gearmotor manufactured according to IE3 rating class, UL / CSA / CE approved and 8 years warranty
  • A 12 years extended warranty is available in option

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