Inflatable curtain Natural ventilation

Inflatable curtain
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Inflatable curtain


The transmission shaft system enables you to have a more reliable system by eliminating pulley adjustments that are necessary with traditional systems. The main steel rod is installed at the top of the opening all along with the building and serves as a transmission shaft for the curtains. Once the rod is put into motion it enables the cables that are holding the curtains to roll up around it, also making the curtains go up or down automatically. The Secco actuators are heavy-duty and reliable.
A system with a linear actuator is available.

Inflatable Curtain Features

• Now available in combination with ISOCELL “Z” Technology (also available with standard 2 layers curtains)
• Silent, automatic, and without maintenance system
• Opening reaching 10 feet (3.28 meters)
• Enables a wide range of luminosity
• During cold weather, with only one blower you benefit more insulation with ISOCELL “Z” Technology of the 2 layers curtain
• Made of U.V. treated PVC vinyl with polyester thread
• Offered with W cables, aluminum posts, or a strap with a bender system
• Can be operated with our transmission shaft system or by a high-performance actuator.

Transmission shaft system