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Unique and fully integrated

PüRe Line

All of the improvements associated with this new exclusive product line meet the highest efficiency requirements and are an eco-responsible choice.
As leaders in ventilation for dairy production within continental climates, our mission is to export our unique technologies and knowledge to ensure growth of the worldwide production of high quality milk available to all families globally. We have the capacity and the obligation to create sound environmental conditions to make dairy production farms more profitable and eco-responsible.

Big Air PüRe ceiling fan

In the mechanical recirculation category, the product line presents the new BigAir PüRe. This ceiling fan, now available in sizes of 16 to 26 feet, simply offers the largest airflow in the world in it’s category. It is now possible to ventilate larger spaces in a virtually silent atmosphere with a very low power consumption (Best cfm/watt in the industry).

MegaFan PüRe tunnel ventilation

In the mechanical exhaust category, the product line presents the new MegaFan 78 PüRe. This 78” exhaust fan is the largest existing direct drive exclusive concept fan on the market. No more pulleys, belts or belt tensioners which only contribute to make your fan noisier. At last, here is the modern, an esthetically pleasing, durable and efficient fan that you were waiting for.

Isocell PüRe membrane

In the natural ventilation category, the product line presents the new Isocell PüRe Membranes. These new membranes are transparent to let in more natural light and increase milk production. They are also more durable, with an expected useful lifespan of 16 to 20 years. Moreover, these membranes offer all of the benefits of the Isocell patented technology, with the highest insulation factor in the world.

Compatible with the ELITE PROGRAM

All products in the unique PüRe Line are 100% compatible with our Secco Elite Dairy ventilation program including the Edge Elite operating system. This ensures fully integrated management of environmental conditions using an user friendly touch screen and especially remote access applications.