A dairy climate controller designed for natural ventilation

Secco’s ISO-2S is our classic dairy climate controller exclusively designed to be used in natural ventilation. The menu is very straightforward, and it is probably the easiest climate controller to use. We are sure that you would not find any difficulties using it and can easily see the current conditions right from the display. Not only regulating the curtains, but ISO-2S can also control the chimney damper with one output and be used for drying cycles, and control the heater by following the ‘start’ and ‘stop’ temperatures that were set. Drying cycles work by allowing the controller to program intermittent closing cycles during the hot season to eliminate water accumulation and maintain proper conditions for curtain material. There is also a minimum ventilation cycle function embedded. It allows programming the opening cycle below the target temperature to allow minimal air change in the barn to get rid of moisture.

ISO-2S can easily regulate our ISOCELL® system with up to 4 zones of curtains with four blowers and 16 outputs for blowers. The relays are 100% assignable, and this climate controller can control four temperature probes in the room.

Benefits and features:

  • Password protection to restrict some functionalities
  • Alarm functions to alert high and low temperatures, defect operation of chimney or potentiometer, and relay failures
  • Allows ‘test mode’ operation
  • SD card function that allows to copy, download and save the settings as a backup or to transfer to the other controllers as needed

➡️ Download the brochure here.

ISO-2S application in livestock houses