High-Pressure Cooling

Correct climate support with a high-quality system during warm periods

Cows cannot dissipate their heat load and do not sweat effectively. Therefore, they rely on respiration to cool themselves. In addition, heavy cattle will be more affected by heat stress compared to lighter-weight cattle. Increased fat deposition prevents cattle from regulating their heat effectively. Because of the cows’ lacking ability to release heat, it may have severe consequences in hot periods such as reduced dry matter intake that a significant drop will follow in milk production, weight loss, breathing problems, reduced reproductive performance, and even death at the extreme situation.

A high-pressure cooling system reduces the temperature in the barn, which will keep the cows cooled and make them breathe easier, especially during warmer periods. High-pressure cooling can be used in most ventilation types but typically in natural or LPV ventilation systems. With high-pressure cooling, the barn is provided with finely atomized water vapor, which cools the housing air. The water vapor can lower the temperature by up to 4-7°C, and the high-pressure cooling will work more optimally when regulated using the climate controller and farm management program. The use and efficiency of high-pressure cooling depend on relative humidity.  


Benefits and features:

  • A flexible, high-quality system

Great importance was attached to quality and flexibility when Secco’s high-pressure cooling was developed. The individual components are very reliable and produced in materials that ensure long service life. The system is made from standard components that can easily be adapted to the chosen dairy barn.

  • Pumps guarantee cooling system efficiency

The Secco cooling systems ship with a complete pump unit that is adjusted to the individual facility. The pump is equipped with a filter that clears 95-98% of particles (1 μm) from the water, ensuring the system has a long service life. Upon request, the pump can also be equipped with a phosphate filter and electronic calcium decomposers to reduce the level of lime and minerals in the water.

  • Pipes and nozzles

Secco’s high-pressure cooling pipes and nozzles are only made of stainless steel, acid-resistant pipes, and joints with high durability and long life. The nozzles come in either brass, anti-lime, and stainless steel. No need to worry about lime deposits - the nozzle heads are supplied with an anti-lime coating, which further reduces problems with lime deposits in the nozzle head. Our FlexCamp nozzle holders come with a patent, and the nozzles can be placed anywhere, allowing for optimum positioning above the air intake. The nozzles are equipped with a filter in front of each nozzle head, which reduces the risk of limescale. All nozzles are fitted with an anti-drip valve.

High-Pressure Cooling in a Low Power Ventilation (LPV) system

Secco’s LPV system is a classic negative pressure system used for ventilation that has been developed for temperate regions of the world and can be adapted to most livestock buildings.

An LPV system uses high-pressure cooling, which adds atomized water particles to the air in the dairy barn. The water particles evaporate in the heated barn’s air and thereby cool the air. With the proper high-pressure cooling, it is thus possible to reduce the dairy barn temperature by up to 4-7°C. The Secco’s high-pressure cooling can be used without any negative impacts on the cows due to increased air humidity. High-pressure cooling is very flexible, as it is constructed from standard components that can be easily adapted to the individual barn.

High-Pressure Cooling in a Natural Ventilation system with stir fans

High-pressure cooling in combination with stir fans in naturally ventilated barns is one of the most cost-effective methods of avoiding heat stress in cows. Secco’s stir fans with high-pressure cooling nozzles placed in front of the fans are installed above the stalls directing air across the backs of the resting cows. Atomized water particles from the nozzles evaporate in the air, thereby decreasing the air temperature running across the backs of the resting cows. The high-pressure cooling system and stir fans cool the cows with a chill effect and a lower air temperature than the ambient air temperature.

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High-pressure cooling application in livestock houses