Lexan panel

A completely transparent panel!

Secco’s Lexan panel is one of our natural ventilation solutions for livestock houses which is entirely transparent – probably the most transparent panel of natural ventilation you can find on the market. Thanks to its U.V. treated material, it allows all the healthy light to get into the barn – 

The lexan panel can be operated with Secco’s transmission shaft system or a high-performance actuator. The transmission shaft system enables a more reliable system by eliminating pulley adjustments that are necessary with traditional systems.

The main steel rod is installed at the top of the opening all along the building and serves as a transmission shaft for the panels. Once the rod is put into motion, it enables the cables that are holding the panels to roll up around it, also making the panels go up or down automatically. The Secco actuators are heavy-duty and reliable. They are always supplied with a potentiometer for more precision. There is also a possibility of replacing the corner pulley with a high-performance chain system to eliminate the corner tension on the main steel cable.


  • Silent, very light, and without any maintenance systems
  • Rigid aluminum frame
  • Made of U.V. treated polycarbonate Lexan
  • Double U.V. treated flexible weatherstrip included
  • Rigid outside posts made of aluminum
  • Can be operated with our transmission shaft system or by a high-performance actuator

➡️ Download the brochure here.


Lexan panel application in livestock houses