Polytherm air curtain

A reliable, insulating, and transparent natural ventilation system!

Single Polytherm

Secco’s Single Polytherm is one of the most economical solutions for natural ventilation for livestock houses, which can be used for dairy, calf, or goat barns. Polytherm is both insulating and transparent with the inflatable U.V. treated polyethylene material. It has two different ventilation stages or two stages of the wall opening.

  • Transparent and insulating
  • Automatic, simple, and without a pulley
  • Silent, economical, and no maintenance
  • Single opening reaching 5 feet (1.5 meters)
  • Made of clear U.V. treated polyethylene with 5 years of warranty
  • 2 X 51 watts blowers allow air under pressure between the 2 walls to obtain insulation
  • Oval shape to make raising and lowering easy
  • Standard size and format to make replacement easy
Double Polytherm

Still economical and insulating, Double Polytherm has a larger opening reaching 10 feet/3 meters. For more precision, it offers four different ventilation stages and has the same material as Single Polytherm.

  • More rigid and safe frame due to its solid permanent center
  • The central support piece is designed to provide rigidity without obstruction
  • Increased stability of membranes when strong winds occur, which extends the lifetime of the product
  • Possibility of replacing only 1 section if broken, instead of the entire wall

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Polytherm air curtain application in livestock houses