Dynamik Exhaust Fan

High-performance hood-style exhaust fans

Secco’s Dynamik series are our hood-style exhaust fans, which have an aerodynamic design and smooth corners – meaning the air turbulence is minimized, and the fan performance is optimized. The fans are molded in one piece. In this case, the hood resists the impacts caused by snowfall or icefall from the roof. The hood also prevents water and dirt infiltration into the walls. With the hood outlet diameter greater than the fan propeller diameter, it allows unrestricted airflow through the hood.

Benefits and features:

  • The slope-base of the Dynamik is a slanted wall designed to drain any water resulting from condensation outside the building, preventing freezing of the blades
  • The shutters are installed inside the building and are easy to access for cleaning
  • Corrosion-resistant galvanized steel output grill
  • Available in low revolution version to ensure a lower noise level
  • Stainless steel hardware for a maximum durability
  • Polypropylene propellers offer durability, accuracy, and prevent moisture condensation and freezing of the blades
  • One-year warranty

See the performance data of our Dynamik series exhaust fans below:

Dynamik exhaust fan - technical data

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Dynamik exhaust fan application in livestock houses